Do you think you have what it takes to help give back to your community?  If the answer to that is yes, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

The Round Hill Volunteer Fire Company is made up of nothing but volunteer members who take time to respond to the calls for help.  We are currently in need of volunteer firefighters as well as some of the less active positions such as fundraising and administrative work.  No firefighting experience is necessary, just a desire to give back to the community in the time of need.

Who can be a volunteer you ask?  Well...ANYONE!  Our members have a wide variety of backgrounds.  We have had members who are business managers, carpenters, electricians, landscapers, lawyers, stay at home moms and dads, students, teachers, town employees, truck drivers, and the list goes on.  All in all, it doesn't matter what you are to become a volunteer with Round Hill.  You bring with you a specialized area that can help us expand where we are today.

If you can give a few hours each month to give back to your community, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Call: (203) 869-7185

Email: roundhillfire@gmail.com

Check us out on facebook:  www.facebook.com/RHVFC

How to become a member...

Please attend one of our meetings to fill out an application and speak with some of our current members.  Meeting are the first Wednesday of every month (Unless a holiday, then it is the second) at 8pm.  Come early to fill out an application.

What lies behind us & what lies before us are small matters to what lies within us.

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