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Call Log:(most recent first)

1/8/15 08:59 - Quaker Ln. General Automatic Fire Alarm, E62 Responded

1/7/15 16:02 - Langhorne Ln. CO Alarm, E62 Responded

1/6/15 07:36 - King St/Anderson HIll Rd. Motor Vehicle Accident with injuries, Squad 6 Responded

1/5/15 13:55 - Hycliff Rd. General Automatic Alarm, E62 Responded

1/5/15 13:30 - Porchuck Rd. Odor of Propane in the Residence, E62 Responded

1/5/15 09:28 - Lake Ave. CO Alarm, E62 Responded

Check back to see our most recent calls!!! (Call log will be updated at least twice every 24 hours)

   Number of calls year to date (Starting May 1, 2014):

Our Open House will take place on October 18, 2015 from 12-4pm!!!  There will be a ton of activites including fire truck rides and even a pizza truck!! We hope to see you all there!!!


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Do YOU Have What It Takes?

Round Hill Volunteer Fire Company is entirely run by men and women who devote time out of their busy lives to respond to your call for help!  We strive to keep the back country safe from fires, accidents, and natural disasters.  Help give protection to your family, neighbors, and community.  Please check out our RECRUITMENT page for more details!!!!

Whats New?

Look out for updates as we continue to upgrade our site and facilities...

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